Surface / Suspended LED Profile

The ALP-85 is an Architectural Grade LED extrusion profile designed for surface or suspension applications and fits linear LED strips up to 16mm wide. Made from high quality Aluminum, these extrusions provide superior thermal management for higher wattage LED strips and prolong the lifespan of your lighting system. This surface or suspended mount profile is manufactured with a patented frosted diffuser for maximum lumen output and wide beam distribution. The ALP-85 profile helps protect LED’s from dust and other undesirable elements, which can shorten the LED’s life. They are also an elegant design solution for any space.


■ Customizable
■ Durable, long-lasting
■ Anodized aluminum
■ Protects LED systems from dust and other elements
■ Surface or suspension mount options
■ Dissipates heat from LED, prolonging its lifespan



TYPESurface mount  /  Suspened
AVAILABLE LENGTHS49.25″  /  98.5″
FINISH OPTIONSAnodized Aluminum
LED COMPATIBILITYup to 0.63″ (16mm)
LENS DIFFUSERIncluded (1 per channel)
END CAPSIncluded (2 per channel)