Silhouette Linear LED System

The “Silhouette” (ALP-125) is a versatile and efficient Linear LED lighting system available in different lengths and color temperatures. It features a unique design that allows it to swivel 360º and can be mounted in any orientation to direct light source towards sign, ceiling, wall or workplane. It is capable of delivering up to 660 lumens at up to 6 watts per linear foot.

Seamless, continuous run installations deliver efficient light illumination. Its precision-engineered hardware gives a sleek and slender appearance for a pleasing aesthetic appeal


■ Extruded anodized aluminum
■ 1-1/8” inches in diameter
■ Unique 360º swivel design
■ Multiple mounting orientations
■ Slim profile, modular design
■ Exceptional light distribution and efficacy
■ Versatile mounting options